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Guys, if I talk about a currency that you can never touch, you will not have in your wallet, but you can spend and earn. Yes, friends I'm talking about bitcoin. Bitcoin is a kind of currency that sounds like coins - but it really doesn't exist. It is electronically saved on your phone, tablet, laptop or any storage media. Just one line is not the end of everything. Here are some more specific information you need to know about this currency. Let's know everything.


In general, there is no difference between a simple paper and a note. But the value of a note can range from 2 rupees to 3 rupees - because there is a government behind it, a bank, and no authority. They sit down and decide how much a note will cost. And we trust them and make this little piece of paper worth it.

But in Bitcoin, this case is completely different. Because the value of Bitcoin is neither determined by a government, nor by any bank. There is no specific authority to regulate bitcoin. The coin was first introduced in the 21st, and has been running since then to the present, which is much more popular online.


Currently Bitcoin is equal to 5 dollars. A few years ago, the price went up to $ 520. But since there is no authority, no government and no bank to determine its value, its value fluctuates (if the price of Bitcoin is now stable). Because you and I trust this currency, we can exchange it with each other. The benefit is that if I want to send you some Bitcoin, I can send it to you directly. It's not like I have to go to a bank or send you through an authority. It is never possible to freeze your account and you can send this currency to anyone whenever you want. As much as you can get the benefits, usually no bank or ordinary currency will be able to give you the benefits. There are many rules in bank transactions that you must follow, but there are no rules for Bitcoin.

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