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Episode #71 - People been asking. So here we go. My 3 reasons that I think NEO could be huge!

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buy the dip

How fast do Lambo's actually go? How high will NEO actually go? Inquiring minds want to know!!!Winning!!!

200+ mph... i can see neo doing it too!!!

Fuck yes bro we looking at the macro not this stingy ass micro

WORD> We here to watch the world change... and get rich on it too. BUY IN AND HODL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dropping intel like a fucking boss! Thanks bro

We looking at the meta here. Not the small issues.

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Hey @saddington, I found your video on Youtube and noticed your Steemit blog in the description. Nice to have you here on Steemit and your YT channel is really nice! -Followed & upvoted

Thank you! Upvoted!