Do you accept bitcoin? Starbucks bitcoin and steemit meetup

in bitcoin •  last year

I’m always talking about bitcoin at my evening Starbucks job, and very rarely do I get reactions from customers. Most customers have never heard of bitcoin, and a few have called it an underground digital currency.

Last week, a gentleman asked me if Starbucks accepted bitcoin as a form of payment. It was one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard from a customer.

He was actually meeting up with a friend to talk about bitcoin and about signing up on steemit.


Last night the same two gentlemen came in and were excited to see the barista with bitcoin and a steemit account.

We talked about Bittrex, Bitcoin Cash, cold storage wallets and about a future bitcoin/steemit meet-up.

For the last several months I’ve been super passionate about digital currencies, and now I don’t feel so alone here in central California.

I’m @runridefly, and I will continue to Steem On Dudes.

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And where the hell have you been?


Dude,maybe just a little burned out and been trading a lot. How are you my friend?


I'm gettin by. It's been a rough couple months, but I've got a roof over my head and a job so I always feel blessed. What have you been trading? It's been a roller coaster lately.

Our "Crypto cafe" will accept Bitcoin and Steem !!!
Please follow for more news. Will do new post today, about our project !

Just super, when you meet people with same interests !

I am accepting Bitcoin ! And the steem ! And other crypto !
I sell amber and rubies ...

the transaction costs are epic

take us a feedback if they accept bitcoin


The question is did they open an account on steemit? LOL


I’m not sure if the did or not. They want the meetup again so we shall see


thats pretty Nice !! :)

After joining Steemit, everybody will get passionate about digital currencies and their potential...

I am extremely happy to read a post from you dear friend. How are the boys? i have no other means to check up on have you been?

Keep on Steeming! I can see from the selfie how excited you were all :D

This news always make a separate and increase our confidence.