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It's a brand new day here , and lots of coins are moving real good .
As promised in my previous post , I'm ready to update my new coin for today .
If you missed my old post , you should check it out [ BITCOIN (BTC) VS STELLAR (XLM) ] I DIDN'T MISS THE CLIMB 💹

For today , I bought Verge ( XVG ) at the time got it , 1XVG worth $0.16 . And here's how the graph looked like


It's 24hrs change rate was 14%, I believe XVG is climbing soon.

List Updated.

Here are the coins i'm currently holding ✅

DASH bought it at 1Dash=$1011

STRAT bought it at 1strat=$13.8

ADX bought it at 1Adx= 3.01$

WAVES  bought it at 1waves=12.9$

XRP bought it at 1Xrp=2$

ADA bought it at 1Ada=$0.88$

XLM  bought it at 1Xlm=0$0.63

POWR bought it at 1Powr=$1.4

**XVG bought it at 1Xvg=$0.16**

I will surely make an update again when it finially gets to a point that makes me smile 😂.

Thank you guys for checking out my coin.

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The rate at which xvg climbs is quite outrageous.

I can't say without making analysis about xvg but bitcoin is surely ready to up now...


Are you holding BTC ?