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RE: Decentralized gaming platform EOSJacks offers dividends.

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its in essence a gambling site ... that spells stormclouds in the EU over time ... it always has , unless they're REALLY REALLY open with the books and REALLY REALLY register carefully making sure no one under-age can possibly play ? if not i think i'll better stay clear seeing as where i live here in soviet europe


Are you EVERYWHERE @rudyardcatling? :)

ofcourse , i'm an observed particle , i'm all over the place

Forget being open with the books, the whole system is operating on fully transparent smart contract operations.

tell that to the elder vampires lol, they wanna see paper books with fiat numbers :)
speaking from an EU-perspective that is, basically cryptocurrencies are assets, not money, you don't get taxed on goods, right?

My fav example like some south american copper or silvermine doesnt have to pay x% of the ore they dig up , they have to pay x% of the money it makes once they sell it.
Fedex doesnt have to pay 60% of their vans yearly, they pay a chunk of the money they make with it. That's what i meant. After more than ten years some people still have the illusion that you're obscured on a public blockchain but its not that that matters, you sell it for money, and that's always registered right to them. Operating off-shore doesnt really help anymore here, they come after EVERYTHING, i dont know if you heard about article 13 (you should if you live on the internet) . It's basically a berlin virtual wall.
The EU is really turning into something nasty, thats why if they allow registration they're gonna have to ask for name, number and sisters pantysize so they can PROVE no minors or anything else in the thousand paper laws about it has been violated as it is a gambling site :)

and also : since the pre-history (lol) when satoshi and his cronies where hiding in dark caves doing their deeds and working the magic self-proclaimed crypto-anarchists have been shouting for it to be accepted as a real currency .
I don't think they truly understand how that world above works. If that ever happens it would be a disaster, you see : barter is one thing , i trade you a cow of mine for a horse of yours, the elder vampires won't come swooping down to cut 60% off of the cow or the horse (or we are both out of business and they wont get anything next year as the stock is dead lol), but money is something else. Can you imagine being taxed directly on the amount of coin you made or have ? In a market that bounces around sometimes like a mountain goat in heat?

that would be sheer madness. These things have to stay assets, barter ... not money , that's a definite must but the hack- and activists are often as blind as the overlords they claim to fight to the basics of reality i'm afraid :-)

It's essential it DOESNT get accepted as actual money. Just like gold. Take gold for instance. A lot of elder vampires buy up all the gold they can find in times of trouble, why is that ?

Well no one will ask them to hand over 60% of their bullion :) only when they sell it

truly and really.

Sorry if took a bit long, you got referred by piotr @crypto.piotr btw , and not a bad choice it seems :D

but i often take my time to reply but i do try to pride myself on replying to everyone who makes replies that are over the level of "nice post, k thx plz upvote" :p

even if it sometimes takes two or three weeks :)

El Gato

your comments are always mindblowing @rudyardcatling :)

maybe ...

but , @crypto.piotr , if that's the case that is because i have a constant mindstorm and i balance between braindead and inferno so when i actually open my mouth either lightning or hellfire comes out :)

whew glad i made it to the comments section for once ... 8 days already ?

I always enjoy reading such a positive comments as yours @rudyardcatling

i balance between braindead and inferno so when i actually open my mouth either lightning or hellfire comes out

You're blowing my mind hahahaha :)

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I always like the way you keep calling me positive while im clearly a force of darkness living in the heart of a neutron star caught in a black hole called belgium where the law of attraction breaks down as the very fabric or reality is torn apart under the gravity of all this paper weight ...

But nonetheless, the arrow of time points forward only so i don't think living in the past is much of an option like a wise man once said :

He who is living in the past, is history


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