October 4th, 1:30am - Bitcoin in the news: -0.02% DOWN

in bitcoin •  8 months ago


Rank: 1
Price: $6,594.80
Volume(24h): $3,876,546,655
Market capital: $114,115,026,914
Available supply: 17,303,800
Total supply: 17,303,800
Percent change (1h): -0.02
Percent change (24h): 1.78
Percent change (7d): 1.46

Tether Price Falls on Crypto Exchanges: How Will it Affect Bitcoin? - CCN

CCN: Technical analyst and crypto trader Aurelius revealed that the price of Tether (USDT), the most widely utilized stablecoin in the cryptocurrency exchange market, has fallen in the past 24 hours. The drop in the price of Tether by around 1 percent led a ...

Bots Are Manipulating Price of Bitcoin in 'Wild West of Crypto' - Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal: The Securities and Exchange Commission cited that risk in August when rejecting several bitcoin-based exchange-traded funds. The office of New York Attorney General Barbara D. Underwood highlighted the issue last month in a report warning that crypto ...

Crypto Update: TRON/Bitcoin Looks Ready to Make a Splash - Hacked

Hacked: The TRON/Bitcoin pair (TRX/BTC) may be down by over 80% from the 2018 high of 0.00002047. If ... been following our crypto updates, you would have known by now that such heavy losses can be the catalyst of a trend reversal. This actually makes ...and more ...

'Bitcoin Bug' Exploited on Crypto Fork as Attacker Prints 235 Million Pigeoncoins - CoinDesk

CoinDesk: A severe bug discovered just weeks ago in ... code has been exploited – albeit on a lesser-known cryptocurrency. The developers behind the pigeoncoin cryptocurrency confirmed the exploit to CoinDesk on Tuesday, reporting that an unknown attacker ...and more ...

Crypto Bull Mike Novogratz Trims Short-Term Bitcoin Price Forecast [Again] - CCN

CCN: One of the cryptocurrency ... biggest bulls has once again trimmed his optimistic short-term bitcoin price forecast, stating this week that he does not believe that “digital gold” will reach the five-figure mark again until 2019. According to CNBC ...and more ...

Are The Odds Against Bitcoin (BTC)? - Crypto Daily (press release)

Crypto Daily (press release): That is why at times we see some of our chart patterns invalidated and we say, “Technical analysis does not work on crypto”. However, the fact is that we have ignored other possibilities. The shorter the time frame, the more complex the possibilities ...

Bitcoin price: 'Bitcoin is here to stay' says Donald Trump appointee on future of crypto - Express.co.uk

Express.co.uk: Donald Trump appointee J. Christopher Giancarlo made this bullish assurance in a wide-ranging interview which also offered a forecast as to when cryptocurrencies will be embraced around the globe. Leading derivatives regulator Mr Giancarlo said: “I ...

Name Price (usd) Change 1h (%) Change 24h (%)
Bitcoin 6,594.80 -0.02 1.78
Ethereum 225.48 -0.18 2.58
XRP 0.54 0.19 4.53
Bitcoin Cash 526.38 -0.39 1.60
EOS 5.67 -0.20 2.57
Stellar 0.25 -0.47 1.78
Litecoin 58.97 0.03 2.30
Tether 1.00 0.11 -0.13
Cardano 0.08 -0.06 3.14
Monero 115.74 0.17 0.97
Steem 0.90 -0.15 7.51

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