200k + unconfirmed transaction, Bitcoin transaction fee $30+ and it's not just bitcoin

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Hello steemians, I really don't want to talk about bitcoin transaction fee but situation itself is not allowing that. We all know bitcoin price dropped to 10% yesterday and today bitcoin is hanging around $16k while BCH(bitcoin cash) is hanging around 3700$ but i won't talk price right now. Today i saw bitcoin transaction fee up and now almost 800 + satoshi per byte, it's around 0.00198880 btc approximately 31$ per transaction and still 20000+ transaction delaying.

I think many people are frustrated this situation and most of people searching other method to transfer money and it's the reason other cryptocurrency transaction fee become higher.

If i arrange cryptocurrency with current transaction fee it will become like this

  1. BTC: 31-34$ per transaction
  2. XMR: 10-11$ per transaction
  3. LTC: 1.5-1.6$ per transaction
  4. ETH: 1.3-1.4$ per transaction
  5. BCH: 0.9-1$ per transaction
  6. Dash: 0.8-0.85$ per transaction


December only these cryptocurrency fees up to 50%-1000% up i think cryptoworld is in big test now. This year so many people realized cryptocurrency efficient and benefits that's why almostall people are talking about bitcoin. But it's just beginning next year more people and country will adopt cryptocurrency. I become curious how cryptoworld will handle mass adoption with current situation. Ltc,ETH, Dash,BCH fees are reasonable for now but not guaranteed it won't up more later. I think some coins are pump because of the fee example reddcoin,verge, and sia. reddcoin 300% growth with only 24 hour.

So i think if this continues next year coin with low fee and fast transaction like XRP, Dash, Steem, IOTA, ADA will be get more benefits, we don't know future but we will see later.

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true i agree with your picks not completely sold on IOTA as of now but lets see how they develop over time.

that's why you shold use steem
zero transaction fees