Chinese Markets OKcoin, and Huobi Closing!!

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

China What you doing??

After china ban certainty, we saw that BTCC one of the biggest crypto exchange market.
announced that it will be closing by the end of september and that news
sparked a fire. specially when Dimon said in this speach

"Bitcoin is Fraud and China shutting down Bitcoin Exchanges"

Well technically, If you think giving value to a digital asset is fraud. so then giving value to a paper is also fraud.
Giving gold some value is also fraud. and giving diamonds a value is also fraud... everything is fraud then..
so it makes no sense. asshole. blabbering rubbish

But that really created this fire, which then lead to dropping price
and now we hearing this news where.

OKcoin and Huobi

Two more chinese exchanges shutting down their business.
Basically that's what I was thinking. if one exchange goes down. others will follow in china..

So what you guys think. what implications ?

feel free to comment.

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It just seems to be the more than try to regulate it or crush it the stronger it will be. @ronaldmcatee thanks for falling me.

Yes, I think they trying to regulate it. and collect taxes.
but that's not going to happen

Bed news for bitcoin trading...

Not bad, bitcoin is recovering. now :)

India discontinued all their high denomination banknotes to prevent this kind of fraud and tax evasion. That didn't work either. Their economies run on bribes or "gifts" as they call them lol

What does that mean? to crypto world?

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