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RE: When to Buy in New Era of Cryptocurrency Regulation

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In one of your previous videos you talked about your distrust of tether. Do you think using an exchange like vualtoro (gold/btc exchange) would be a better alternative to using tether as a way to hedge?


Have you looked into the BitShares Decentralized Exchange and the MPA's/smartcoins offered on there? Opposed to tether which is backed by nothing (most likely), the bitAssets are backed by twice the value in BTS.


Does this exchange function the same way ether delta does?

I haven't tried EtherDelta so I'm not sure how it functions in comparison. As far as I know ED is only for Ether and Ethereum-based tokens and does not offer smartcoins like bitUSD so I'd say BitShares has more to offer.

Never heard of that but it is an intersting idea. Why isn't it on coinmarketcap though? 🤔

I'm not sure. Maybe its because gold is not an actual crypto, but valutoro seems to be a legitimate exchange.

usd euro is not a crypto either

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