A new deal for Vechain is a big deal for Bitcoin.

in bitcoin •  4 months ago 

Big news for VeChain means big news for our crypto community. Walmart China will begin tracking food throughout its supply chain with VeChain Thor on the Ethereum smart contract network using blockchain ID. To start Walmart China will begin tracking one hundred and twenty-three projects with the technology. Walmart has 11,766 stores worldwide is one of the world's largest international companies. Just the announcement of the Walmart/VeChain deal has sent VeChain up 32%. As more and more large companies accept and adopt blockchain along with cryptocurrency the more our freedom from government control through money will be inherent. Walmart is a worldwide chain and if this Walmart China/VeChain deal pans out to be beneficial for Walmart they will surely push to implement it in all of their locations.
Some countries such as the U.S. may push against the technology and mass crypto adoption but just the power of a major chain like Walmart being in support of blockchain technology & cryptocurrency will be a huge influence on other large influential companies to look into the adoption of the technology as well. I look forward to following up on this partnership and I am in full support of it. I feel the more crypto and or blockchain technology adoption the better it will be for Bitcoin; because with mass adoption albeit through a variety of different coins, tokens, and projects it will further open up the crypto arena and then we the people will have the freedom of choice to choose what we would like to use and that's the way it should be.

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This is a huge piece of news for vechain if all goes well this could lead to others.

Agreed! VeChain is in a sweet spot right now, I hope it all goes well.

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