My Earning From Minergate for the past 15 days

in #bitcoin4 years ago

So in the last post, I have told you that I am going to start mining on minergrate using Microsoft Azure Cloud Machine.

I have a free trial for one month with 200$ credit to use on the account. So I created 3 virtual machines and set them up for Monero Mining.

Since I have no electricity fees and it is just a trial, I am profiting from it. But guess how much I got during those 15 days.


Yup, so if you planned to get a microsoft azure account and pay for the subscription by yourself, you could lose A LOT OF MONEY! Just don't do that.

Here is a screenshot for a proof:


As you can see. I got almost 5$ from minergate for free haha. I can get another 5$ for the next 15 days and my profit will be 10$ for the whole month.

So if you wanna start mining, build your own rig. Don't use cloud machines. Prices are going down for the black friday. So hurry up and build your own pc and start mining :D


I used Minergate for a while mining Monero and I just found it wasn't worth it at all. Could be interested in VTC mining when their one click miner comes out. I downloaded the beta but ended up getting a virus from it which was pretty annoying. Anyway. Nice post, cheers for the heads up :)

It is not worth. You could lose a lot of money from it. But since I have a free microsoft azure account, I haven't lost any cent :D