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RE: Erik Voorhees on "Is Bitcoin the Future of Money?"

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Bitcoin will replace the fiat money. Let's see a example-
Fiat money is the parent of currency and cryptocurrency is it's child. So in future parent has to die at some day and child has to take place. This is the future no one can stop the the future and future is lies within the cryptocurrency. It's my opinion. i hope you all agree with me.
Nice post and the video contains all the necessary thing taht can help for newbie to understand the concept of bitcoin
Thanks for sharing @finprep


I personally think both with coexist in the near future. Decades and decades from now that could all change.. The people that run the world will not fold over easily, and they fully understand the implications of a decentralized global p2p currency. As far as I'm concerned, it's just smart investment to own some cryptos, because there is a good chance that they are the future.

When you write coexist do you mean like a friendly coexsistance? I dont really bealive in a kind of peacefull coexistance in long term. The coexistance is only in a time of adoption and havent yet been so friendly or peacefull. I think Bitcoin is a war against fiat where either the fiat will belong to the few or or Bitcoin.

All of you doing very well ...!!!
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Banks are never gonna leave the fiat currency or they'll lose the power over the government and people. In near future they both will co-exists and adopted by banks too.

95% of the world's money exist in digital form already....
What is Fiat then? Cash = the matter of time, when it will be totally gone.
Fiat, the money govs printing? Banks creating?
And then crypto = the money "some programmer" creates (pre-mined coins). Or mineable cryptos (BTC, BCH, LTC etc etc...) .
I've been in the space for some time now, and than more I dig, than more I see some "fantasies" around the space.
Sorry guys, I didn't mean to be that pessimistic.

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