Mathias Sundin, A Swedish MP Is Joining Bitcoin Exchange BTCX

in #bitcoin5 years ago

image source : Coindesk

Mathias Sundin, A Swedish MP has recently joined  Sweden’s largest bitcoin exchange called BTCX. Sundin was elected 2014. During his election campaign in 2014 he first met the BTCX team. A funny thing is that he got about 2 bitcoins as donations from 50 persons around the world. Actually after reading a New York Times article written by venture capitalist Marc Andreessen, he transformed himself into a representative of the bitcoin community. 

Sundin said: 

"I realized this has some real potential to move power  from institutions to regular people. That’s the main reason I’m into  politics."

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I am uncertain about the way in which I should take such news. Because when you were here politicians entering a certain markets are usually am afraid that afterwards rules regulations and a crackdown is bound to come and that is something I definitely not wish us in crypto to have to go through

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