There are only 7 cryptos above $100 and 1 over $1000

in bitcoin •  10 months ago 

As of now, 6:15 or so A.M. Central U.S. time on 8/23/2018, there are only seven cryptocurrencies with a unit price of over one hundred U.S. Dollars and only one cryptocurrency over one thousand USD, which is Bitcoin.


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...UNDY lol
Here is where we were right before the $20k BTC:
Market Placement in Time.png

...and where we are NOW:
Market Placement in Time REVISED.png

If cryptos survive the "chasm" then it's Off to the Races!

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Nice analysis sir
Hey dear @raddog today i am so happy because my old post bitcoin price prediction analysis was perfect and now hit 1 target / resistance 1.
Look my btc chart today post 🤗🤗🤗

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