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When the market is extremely low, it's an emotional time for many people. What most don't realize is that it is an opportunity to get into the market at a very vulnerable time. The movement in the various values of coins can reasonably be expected to see gain in the near future, as we just saw a large correction to the market. If you're like me, you were probably playing the waves while bitcoin was nearing its 10k peak. Unfortunately, it never reached 10k, and instead, broke down past the 9k impossibility we never expected. At some point, we have to realize, that no matter where we are in the market, our value has gone down considerably. Whether we were hoarding bitcoin or invested heavily in the altcoin market, there was a huge downswing in the greater majority of the market. Now, here's where I had to suck it up and make a hard decision. I was in some pretty bad coins, some almost -20%. Now, at the bottom of the market, I was able to SWAP my bad coins for my good coins, the coins I expect to raise value quickly, like ETH, LTC, and BCC.. I put some into DGD as well, because it was at a relative low. They all gained, as we should all expect, and instead of waiting for my bad coins to get some investors behind them, I'm now riding the waves up and down again. Sometimes we have to lock in losses to reposition for gains. It happens. The good thing is, no matter where you are, as the Total Market Cap rises back to its previous highs, the value you had will return. The real investors will have been increasing their value during that return back to total market highs though, so be a real investor, and move into good coins.

Notice how well these coins are increasing compared to the coins I would've been stuck with... not pointing any fingers at you ARN.

Let out the emotions and enjoy the ride back to an inflated market cap! The balloon will only keep growing as more and more support comes in from more and more buyers.


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I bet everyone stuck in ARN for so long is rejoicing greatly!

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