Bitcion Cash Opportunistic Future

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It is a really great morning to wake up to these perfect opportunities for investing with a reasonable expectation of making gains! Enjoy your coffee and get excited about the day! What a great time to be alive and aware.

I get really excited when I see this graph. Can you see why? The circles in the following graph represent the amount of purchasing power behind BCC... this thing is a ticking time bomb!

Here, I've superimposed the possibility of all three of those huge gains recurring again. Even if it is just one of them, it would be great. It is more likely to look like this:

Doesn't that make you excited to get into one of the most stably rising coins in the market? This coin has proven itself time and time again to be a huge gainer, outdoing its partners in recent history as these two photos will show. This is Bitcoin Cash verses Bitcoin in the past month. I'll add Litecoin as well.

See, BCC is still making gains while BTC is correcting. That's a huge sign in a market that mostly moves when BTC moves. For BCC to have made a 21.92% more increase in comparison to BTC is a huge statement as we move forward towards the reflux of the market cap.

Same story, BCC made a 24.24% greater increase in value that LTC in the last month, with LTC losing.

Ethereum would be a good choice to get into as well. I encourage you to check it out!

Bitcoin cash hit over $1,300 earlier, which is a great sign as we return to a Total Market cap of 470B+

With those statistics displayed, I'll leave you with a farewell and God bless you with peace and love in The Name of our Savior, Messiah, YAHUSHA.

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