What will happen in this 12.5 btc per block world?

in bitcoin •  3 years ago 

Now that the bitcoin block reward has halved from 25 to 12.5, what do you think will happen in the coming months? Post your speculations below. Will the bitcoin price go up, as miners receive less per block, or will miners lose interest because of that and the price may dump? 

What may this mean for altcoins? 

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I think it's going to push people into stuff like Ethereum or NXT!

I think a lot depends on how things scale in regards to the lightning network and block size cap. If they fix these issues I don't see many changes regarding alt coins. If a fork is not made and and things like bitcoin classic is not switched to by the miners I think altcoins running on different mining hardware (ltc, eth, dash) will increase, either leveling the field or taking over the number 1 coin. Not likely given the network hash rate comparison but still a potential if changes are not implemented.

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