ProBit Celebrates Fiat (Korean) Exchange with Airdrops, Competitions, and Mining.

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ProBit is proud to announce that its new Korean Won (fiat) exchange will launch on January 29. This exchange will offer the same benefits of security, low fees, and rapid listings that have been a core aspect of ProBit's existing digital asset exchange.

In order to commemorate this milestone moment for the trading community, ProBit will be offering 12 rounds of airdrops, pre-trade mining, and a trading competition with BTC to give away. This event marks a new step in ProBit's vision to make cryptocurrencies widely accessible to the masses by making exchange fees lower than ever before.

The pre-trade mining events will broken into 2 rounds; the first round will start on January 30 and the second round will start on January 31, which is also the date of the premier listing of PROB tokens.

The new Golden Standard extends the abilities of ProBit's crypto-to-crypto exchange

ProBit is now a gateway exchange that will support swift fiat (KRW) deposits. will offer fees far lower than the competition. Market makers will enjoy fees of just 0.05% and users who pay fees with PROB tokens will get an additional discount, rendering their effective fee to just 0.025%. That's just 0.25 KRW paid for every 1,000 KRW traded. Meanwhile, competitors will charge traders 1.5 KRW for the same volume. This expense can add up quickly and is a burden on the retail traders with limited funds.

  • Thus, we aim to provide access to the masses by making sure operating costs are kept at optimal efficiency.

Accessible Quality.

  • Currently, major KRW exchanges charge fees of up to 0.15% but, together, ProBit and its community, are going to disrupt the cost of entry to the world of Crypto.

Market making orders on ProBit that pay fees with PROB will face a fee that is almost 85% lower than competing exchanges. And, in order to celebrate the launch of, we have launched 2 days of pre-trade mining, which will allow users to get a 100% rebate, as PROB tokens.

Transaction-fee mining is an opportunity for users to earn PROB tokens by simply trading. All fees that are paid are refunded in the form of PROB tokens.

PROB Benefits

All PROB token holders receive multiple benefits. These tokens can be used at both and to get 50% off on trades.

To fulfill ProBit's goal of delivering a community-centric exchange that optimally fulfills the needs of traders, ProBit allows the community to control the direction of the exchange. PROB holders are given not only exclusive preferential access to new features, but they are also given the right to actively vote on the exchange's decisions, such as new token listings.

PROB tokens will also give access to an extremely generous airdrop event. Holders will be receiving 12 major airdrops of ACDC, UBEX, STIPS, and HERB tokens.

The airdrop schedule is as follows:

ACDC airdrop worth $25,000, STIPS airdrop worth $100,000, and 200 Million Herb token airdrop! UBEX airdrop details to be released soon.

There's More!

As an additional means to show gratitude to our community, ProBit will be burning 5 million PROB tokens, thereby permanently lowering the token supply. Thus, this action will not cause the mining event to dilute PROB supply as only 2 million PROB will be emitted during the celebrative pre-trade mining rounds.

All users who participate in the pre-mining event have an opportunity to compete for BTC prizes.

The top miner will win a prize of 1 BTC and two runner ups will receive 0.5 BTC each. This is a great opportunity for traders to fulfill their required market entries and exits as they'll simultaneously be accumulating valuable PROB tokens and competing in a great trading competition.

All existing users of will be able to easily access and transfer funds to Moving forward, the ProBit ecosystem will excel at providing digital asset exchange platforms for crypto-to-crypto trades, on, and fiat-to-crypto trades, on

Join ProBit's opening celebratory mining rounds on January 30 and January 31 to be part of a move to make fiat exchanges affordable and, by way of token staking, commanded by community votes.

And be sure to enjoy our month-long give aways of Tether!

  • Digital cash event ends soon! Deposit Crypto to get lottery tickets to $200 in daily prizes.
  • Korean Won Cash month begins today! Deposit Korean Won to get lottery tickets for $200 in daily prizes.

We always have something fun going on; keep up with all our current events here.

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Am I allowed to send btc to my binance account?

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That's great @probit


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I'm so impressed with this new development
Thanks for share 👍

We appreciate your support.

Gracias por el informe y las relaciones públicas, agradezco que ... por favor, sigan viniendo tab La
pestaña de comentarios debería funcionar, espero que la nueva carga lo solucione. Unos minutos más, vuelve a compilar ahora con tus cambios

That’s What it is!!

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Thank you.


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All I have to do is register for the airdrop

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Each airdrop has different rules. Be sure to check the details for each:



Thank you.

Probit should be a STEEM DApp

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Sadly, we cannot be a STEEM DApp as we support multi-asset exchange, including assets not on the STEEM chain.

You didn't specify the trading competition with BTC date?

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It will end on 31st of Jan. :)

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In deed something extraordinary has happened. ProBit has Made me very proud to be Asian.
According to @steemsemit, ProBit has a very genius Economic Observer. He has grasped The Crypto Roadmap.
O people of the world, underline my words.
"The 2020 Cryptocurrency is ProBit"@steemsemit.

very good

Good luck!

Good opportunity. Thanks for this article.

You're very welcome.


How lovely

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I'm so impressed with this new development

Thank you.

Wao, very nice 👍🏻

this is a good information, for all those people who are involved in the world of crypto. Thank you @ProBit

We belive so too.

That's great! very nice info, thanks for sharing.

Do you offer Steem trading pairs???

Our current markets are primarily for BTC, ETH, XRP, and EOS.
Rapid additional listings are on the way!

hi from Venezuela good day

very potential project. It is being expected much more than others because of its good foundations, good team, high technology.
I'm wondering what i would miss if i did not participate in this project as well.
They have good ads to guide me

@probit interesante voy a reelerlo, voy a seguirte te propongo que me sigas. Gracias por el aporte mis 10 ;)

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Thanks for share this information

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It will be interesting to see how cryptocurrencies continue to advance and be integrated into society.

very nice info thanks for sharing Buy Lisk Coin


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