Halloween Hikes BC to $9,000 — Steemit

Halloween Hikes BC to $9,000

in bitcoin •  last year

Aussie markets today saw Bitcoin reach the staggering height of $9,000 Aud.


In the meanwhile, Steem has plummetted, so the perfect time to trade your profits from Bitcoin and put them into Steem.

The past few weeks has seen a number of issues on Steemit which may have attributed to the fall, but looks like the devs have ironed out the bugs with the updates, which hopefully will bring confidence back to Steem and Steemit.

It was not that long ago, back in July, when I first started my Bitcoin purchases,
which all got traded straight into Steem! Bitcoin purchase price of $2,662.


Today, just over 100 days later, Bitcoin purchase price of $8,996.


Wouldn't it be good to see a similar rise in Steem over the coming 100 days!

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Nice info! Thanks for sharing!

The value just keeps rising!

9 Grand a Pop? Holy ****. WOW! How did we get to this point? Hopefully Steemit value makes it's triumphant comeback... but we will ever get the logo back? This one is just terrible.

I need to invest asap.

This is ridiculous, and it will be even more so progressively. Welcome to the future's early past, when financial playing fields all got plowed.

wow good information

that would be wonderful if it happened. These new updates to steem though... not sure honestly.

What a revolution ❤

Cryptocurrency is an awesome revolution to be brought towards the future.

Wish I had invested years ago

Currencies are becoming less respectful of technical analysis

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