BREAKING: What You NEED To Know About The NSA Hack And Bitcoin Ransom

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"As should be pretty evident at this point, the best hackers in the world aren’t sitting in one-bedroom apartments writing Python scripts for small-business clients. And they’re not working in IT departments for Microsoft, spending their weekends hacking into the NSA. The best hackers in the world work for states, because states pay in more ways than cash!" - Dan Dicks

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great hypothesis on the NSA hoaxing their own hack for the ransom in bitcoin. It makes sense because the establishment needs a way to get such a share of the btc to be able to manipulate it without actually spending the USD's to acquire it thus validating the system and raising the price. They want to control and squash it by any means necessary, and buying it goes against their desired goal. Good on you @pressfortruth

This is definitely a perspective that I heard here first. Thanks

My pleasure!

Awesome post as always!

Great post, interesting perspective!

A great post, You seem to be getting better at reporting the news we won't ever hear on the mainstream Media. Thanks Dan

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it

Some people always want to dwell on the messenger and not the message. This ideology will always favor the State since it is exactly what the State does!

The USA home of where they demonize and punish WHISTLEBLOWERS but ignores the revelations revealed all together! I am pretty sure Snowden and Manning are to set an example to any others who want to blow the lid on Government illegal activity.

If anyone has doubts that Assange might be controlled opposition just look up the USS LIBERTY on wikileaks and notice how one of histories most blatant false flag attack isn't listed as so!

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Taking some HUGE FUCKING LEAPS man!!! HUGE!!

This is not about 'obtaining Bitcoin' because no one is going be paying them shit. :) This, like Silk Road, may be an elaborate part of the longer campaign to demonize and eventually declare illegal, crytpo-currency itself .. to protect the Central Bank system.

Canna upvote this because Snowden is legit mfer! :)

Hey to each their own ;) I didn't say it was all about bitcoin per say but rather a war on cryptocurrencies in general...and as with all their wars, the war on drugs, the war on poverty, the war on end up getting more drugs, more poverty more terrorism only it's under more of their control...same thing with this war on cryptocurrency that has just been launched.

Thats pretty impressive video and article. I look forward to seeing what the wikileaks will share.
Its amazing people spend their days trying to hack. I gues they are waiting to find something good.
The demands are pretty high - wow and in bitcoins?
Wow, this is pretty cool info to subscribe too...glad you shared and have that offer.

Great quality post!

Great polished article. Hacking affects us all, even if it's indirectly

I wonder what will come of this, will the hackers get their BTC?

  ·  3 years ago (edited)

No chance! The first mistake was allowing themselves to be misquoted - obviously they were asking for $ 1 Million Dollars in Bitcoin, not 1 000 000 Bitcoin - that is fing insane. :) Only government is f**ed up enough to pay 1/2 Billion for anything, and they certainly were not asking the Federal government to pay to have this out-of-date shit released.

Seriously botched! :)

Sounds plausible enough Dan.

Wow this is unbelievable @pressfortruth I'm glad I came across this post. It Changes the fundamental perception of value and demand for Bitcoin.

Excellent post Dan!

Good video! Good idea, though I'm not sold on it. It seems a bit early to tell.

great perspective

"...because states pay in more ways than cash!" - Dan Dicks

LOL, ya, they catch the wannabe hacker then let them live in slavery to their political will... until they tell them to die for the national cause, what ever that might be. Let's be realistic, there are no real independent hackers that do not serve the state. To think that anyone using public script can safely become anonymous is a delusional fantasy, merely another ruse to trap more hacker slaves.

BTW, currency has no heart. Let them pursue, let them acquire, then let them dine upon the inhumanity they so desired.

Mr. Dicks, you can have every steem dollar I have, to me it is all meaningless excrement compared to the real wealth of heart which I enjoy without considerations of material value.

1,000,000 Bitcoins? Wow!!!