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RE: Bitspark Switching to Bitshares for Remittances

in #bitcoin3 years ago

I still don't understand how you want to use the BitShares platform. Are you going to issue bitTJS for Tajikistan remittance or will you use bitUSD? People then need to find somebody to exchange bitUSD/bitTJS to real TJS?


Great question and something we will be expanding upon in a future post in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

How about using SPARK.TJS for your Tajikistan remittances? You could also use SPARK.USD as an alternative to bitUSD.

If you build all your localized coins around the SPARK symbol like openledger does e.g. OPEN.BTC, OPEN.ETH etc. then you will achieve very strong "brand" for your service that will ignite your growth rate for years and years.

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