Updates: Another Bitcoin fork is coming uo this month (Bitcoin Diamond)

in bitcoin •  2 years ago 

Last week we heard about the call off Segwit2X. Today I will be talking about another Bitcoin fork coming up by 25th of November this year which is Bitcoin Diamond. Bitcoin Diamond(BCD) is a fork of Bitcoin that happens at the predetermined block height of 495866 which is set to fork out of Bitcoin 25th of this month after which w new chain will be generated as Bitcoin Diamond. BCD will use proof-of-work algorithm for its miner to Begin to create blocks. It will also be sharing the same transaction history with Bitcoin pending till the chain starts branching and upgrading into unique block.

What is the worth of Bitcoin Diamond (BCD)

The total number of BCD that will be created is 210 million BCD. If you have 1 Bitcoin in your wallet you will get free 10BCd. That means 1BTC=10 BCD. 40 million BCD will be transfered automatically out 210million to the community reward pool as tribute and mining purpose.
Get more information about the coming Bitcoin Diamond fork on btcd.io

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