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Man, I love this tweet by @pbartstephens:

While Jamie Dimon of @jpmorgan was bashing #bitcoin, his SF office was hosting @blockchaincap @PanteraCapital @BoostVC and @polychainfund

And Jamie Dimon said that any employees trading Bitcoin should be fired. I have no proof of how many JPM employees would be affected, but I think a lot of people would get fired, as JPM employs some pretty clever people, more clever than their boss it seems.

Another thing he said truck me: Dimon differentiated between the bitcoin currency and the underlying blockchain technology, which he said can be useful. Still, he said banks’ application of blockchain “won’t be overnight.”

Of course, anything that the big banks do won't happen overnight, even if they use blockchain technology. That's why we are doing it ourselves. Also, we don't want this to be useful for the big banks in the first place - we want it to replace them!

I don't like calling names, but the word moron would come to mind.

He said similar things in 2015, and since then, the Bitcoin price rose 4000%. Another honorary mention for the fun website:
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pbartstephens Bart Stephens tweeted @ 12 Sep 2017 - 22:09 UTC

While Jamie Dimon of @jpmorgan was bashing #bitcoin, his SF office was hosting @blockchaincap…

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what an ass he is