Since 2015, Bitcoin's low of the year was always in mid-January

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Déjà vu? A pattern seems to repeat each year. Each year since 2015, Bitcoin made the low of the year in mid-Januari. Coincidence? According to some people this is because of the Lunar/Chinese New Year. Perhaps money is flowing back to fiat to buy presents, plane/train tickets and so on. This year, 2018, the Chinese new year is on Februari 16.

Bitcoin in 2015:

  • Low: $152 on Januari 14, 2015
  • Year close: $431

Bitcoin in 2016:

  • Low: $352 on Januari 16, 2016
  • Year close: $966

Bitcoin in 2017:

  • Low: $751 on Januari 12, 2017
  • Year close: $13880

Bitcoin in 2018 (so far):

  • Low: $11191 on Januari 16, 2018
  • Year close: ???

Bitcoin chart 2015

Bitcoin chart 2016

Bitcoin chart 2017

Bitcoin chart 2018

Disclaimer: Feel free to use and share my charts, but please mention this post as the source. This is no trading advice. There is absolutely no guarantee that this pattern will repeat.

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I will remeber this for next year haha! I did not jknwo it was always in january lolz, thanks for showing me

Thank you. This report makes me relieved and I believe the future of Steem again ^_^

This analysis is really intersting, and you found it.

Don't think the past really matters. Humans can find patterns in anything.

most of the top comment are self-voted, is this a trend?

Interesting read! I hope it will go up very soon. WOuld be something if it trippled from here going forward to Q4 and than rallying up to 75K.

Yes, I have seen many similar thoughts, and and analysts associate this behavior with the Asian New Year. This year it's February 16, probably you have to forget about growth until March...

Still giving good chance to buy more

Bitcoin in 2018 (so far):
Low: $11191 on January 16, 2018
Year close: ??? $31641

I was wondering what is going on. There's no real news instead many new investors joining. I hope the patty repeats itself.

Thanks for the info!

There does appear to be a trend emerging from that data. Let's hope it continues as it has in previous years.

Nice article

The volatility of Bitcoin doesn't bother me as much as how the majority of ALL other coins and tokens follow suit. Even those cryptos that have valid and noteworthy projects behind them all suffer. This is so unlike the stock market where a "sector" might take a hit not affecting other unrelated sectors. Hoping for the best in 2018!


I agree with this 100%, it is starting to drop in terms of marketshare, but still massively controls the price movement of the crypto markets as a whole. I'm sure over time that this will change, but it is still very early days and it will drag the market (up or down) with it for a while. Nobody really complains when it is moving up, it's the plug hole effect on the way down haha


Somebody had better find the plug, and quick! We are all losing VP! 😖😖😖

yes this is the trend


it gos back up :) i bought some more coins :D


Interesting, here's my take on bitcoins future:

"Game Over For Cryptos?"

Screen Shot 2018-01-16 at 14.01.20.png

I trust the price will be ramping up really soon! Nice charts!

Sell off to finance debt from Christmas.

What is the explanation of this? How can be the low always in the same week?


Because of sell-offs! People paying there Visa Card bill from december

Interesting thanks for sharing! Never heard about this before.

What do you think , this is one of reason to down sbd ??
How possibility to grow up bitcoin ? @penguinpablo

Thanks for the information. It's so weird to see $158 only a 3 short years ago!

Hopefully this happens again now..but there were not so much regulators pressing by then

I think we will still see some new lows. 10k or maybe even 8kish....

Interesting pattern; I'm sort of hoping that 2018 will be more the "year of the alt coin" where some of the other coins start moving around more independently of BTC.

Hmmm .... Wow!!! how come you were able to keep track the records .... Let's watch how the years end with this trend ... Guess it is time to buy more ... Thanks for this information @penguinpablo

I hope it will be normal again

Could it have something to do with a lot of Asians celebrating new year at this time of year?

It's a big spending event for them.

honestly, what you are seeing is investors flock to other coins coming out there. I don't think this was thought through or analyzed. In my opinion, until I see a crypto like Steemit, or a gold or silver backed coin, coin for coin per oz., already mined, there will be many ups and more downs, but we shall see. If there is something tangible behind it, that will be the ultimate coin (s) to hold. Not sold on bitcoin trading by some people that short everything they can get their hands on. Not to mention, price went up based on hoarding of the coin and waiting to cash in. This is the other side of the story, not a historical chart. Just my opinion. good post @penguinpablo

great news about cryptocurrency
also bitcoin
thanks for sharing that is
i am helped for this type of news carry on

If you have some money laying around, it might be a good time to invest.

Ha, now we have the needed revelation! This makes so much sense what you have shared here. Thanks.

Next year it will be January 11th

Time to buy!

It's a good time to buy bitcoin because if we buy bitcoin at this time we gain a good profit. And we don't get a too much loss if bitcoin going down from 11k$ to 8k$. Because when again bitcoin going pumping its touch 20k$ normally.

We just feel like history repeats itself. You ain't never going to see nothing brand new; you're only going to see when records are broken. And we're here to just set records and set trends and follow the footsteps that have been shown to us.


This seems to be a pattern that is repeated in January of every year, this is too coincidental.

This year the pattern is repeated but with an even sharper sharpness due to news and rumours about the regulation of cryptocurrencies in South Korea and the arrest of all money transfers related to cryptocurrencies of the Metropolitan Bank.

Now all we have to do is stay in expectation until this pattern is completed and the market recovers.

Thanks very much for the information @penguinpablo greetings :)

Really cool! Worth knowing this but I'd be interested to see what the drops looked like in previous years too!

This is realistic analysis ! Thank you so much for your effort !!

Hibernate in Winter
Wake in Spring
Grow in Summer
Harvest in Fall


I'm writing that down! 😉

Reading this made me feel a bit more confident with my cryptos as they dropped a lot more than I thought they would.

Now I was going to make a post about this! xDDD you have saved my job :P, calm all cryptocurrency investors! we have already experienced this before!

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thank you for this, it made me curious to learn more about this and invest :)

Really interesting analysis @penguinpablo, their is definitely a pattern, as a mathematician I would love to do a some research in your empirical findings.

Thank you, will buy on next Jan 2019