1/30/2018 The Market View and Trading Outlook (Shit bag Edition)

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Reposting after haejin blanked my entire blog and every post that had earnings.. real cool..

In my desire to succeed I have decided to modify my market report to be in line with what appears to be the winning Steemit format:


98 posts, Account 1 Month Old, Rep 61, $200 per post.. (I'm obviously doing it wrong busting my ass here)

So the new Market report format (which is as close to the winner above as I can make it:


My last post talked about charts so I thought I'd share with you guys one of my favourite charts from Bitcoin - A Correction! This is a specialty of the technical analyst, so don't bother trying to figure it out if you're just beginning to trade, you will not know what you're doing. With that said, PLEASE let me know if you figure out how to predict price!
The chart is similar to other charts, with a mix of green candles and red candles, moving averages, numbers, technical indicators, and an order book. I'm so excited about it as I type this...

Have you ever seen it? Or do you know how it occured? Let me know! <3


This was much easier, took me like 5 minutes max to toss this bullshit post together. Gotta be worth $250 per the example format. I even kept the stupid " <3 " .

On a real note, I cannot be that much of a shit bag even if I try..


That said we broke through the bottom of my updated symetrical triangle from yesterday.


Support will be $9800, $9400 (1 Week 21 Perioda MA) and then in the $7000's at the 3 day 77..NOt much else to report, but to sit on the sidelines for the moment..

My Previous Analysis: (incorrect losing format, but included below for comparison purposes.)











It baffles me how some posts manage to get such high rewards. Maybe it's all just a fluke? I doubt it though. Looks like you've picked some big battles.

He suggested a coin that had no team, it was abandoned, no white paper, no social media, literally nothing. I suggest for people not to buy the coin because of this, and his people come to defend him and flag me, that post earned him over $350

lol.. I always do.. I like it that way.. That is the problem if it unbiased, truthful but pisses someone off.. then they act like a dickhead...


Oh no! That's some bullshit! How much did you end up losing? G-damnit haejin can seriously go suck a bag of dicks. Let me know what I can do to help!

Couple hundred USD. Like 120 SBD or something like that... Spread the word.. Use your news cast and spread the word... how he is, how he acts.. his hypocrisy etc..

Well I talk about it him nearly daily, because there seems to always be something new going on with him. This happened after I recorded yesterday though so I will bring it up today and we will try to get your numbers back up!

Sweet as always @troglodactyl stepped up and helped me out a lot.. still below where I started but is what is is.. that guy is the man, and a real good member of the site... only wish I had the horsepower to pay back his kindness.

Your content is paying him back. He really appreciates it. (And when we are making the big bucks haha we can pay him back)

I hope so... lol

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