Introduction to the "NEW Normal" in Home Business

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NetQube is a social sharing advertising platform for network marketers. The NetQube system utilizes a proprietary geno-mapping technology which matches your products or services to their Brand Advocate’s likes, knowledge and interests, resulting in the most relevant top tier demographic. From there, NetQube pre-packages your offers and authorized promotional materials for their Brand Advocates to simply click to refer their sphere of social influence. NetQube first matches your knowledge and interests with products, services and advertisers that are hungry for your reviews, endorsements and social recommendations!

Next, NetQube has prepared Click Actions that are pre-written product and service recommendations that you simply “click to publish," should the endorsement meet with your approval. Each endorsement contains a link attached to a commission structure. That commission is coded to you and credits you as the source of generating that revenue. When advertising dollars are assigned, you receive the commission!

What Makes NetQube So Unique?

NetQube combines Research Pod Technology with the power of leveraged referrals to automate earnings so that personal recruitment is optional. The NetQube revenue opportunities are custom tailored to your specific likes, knowledge and interests. This is the solution to the typical network marketing challenges that require so much time and distributor product spending.

You may have tried networking and failed, however, NetQube is utilizing YOUR knowledge & interests to help YOU succeed! NetQube streamline access to the system so that you can be up and running quickly & earning money from your computer or mobile device. There is absolutely no monthly costs incurred because earnings are not based on distributor spending. All leveraged revenue is generated from NetQube clients.

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