Bitcoin vs Dash - Ridiculous comments on Dash (video/podcast)

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If you bring up the cryptocurrency Dash among people who know anything about it, you'll probably get a diverse range of opinions. Some people hate it and believe it's nothing but a fraud. Other people love it and believe it's the currency of the future. And others still believe its rise has more to do with sex appeal than any usefulness.

In this episode, Kurt digs into the cesspool known as "the YouTube comment section" and responds to the most interesting and bizarre among them. He discusses SegWit and how it causes mental blocks among Bitcoiners, user experience, Bitcoin as a blue chip company or international clearing house, the security of Bitcoin compared to Dash, the sex appeal of Dash, the fantastic dream of cryptocurrency, what Dash's marketing says about it, Dash as a business, centralisation, whether someone could control 50% of masternodes, the instamine or fast mine of Dash, what is a Ponzi scheme and whether Dash is one, and finally whether Dash is just a big scam in general.

Join us on a crypto adventure in the next exciting episode of ... The Paradise Paradox!

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I feel the coins that display that they have long term plans for development will do well. Hype will always follow those whom market themselves well. I feel Dash and Steem will go a long way. PIVX is now lurking and will have to prove it has teh development team to keep up.


Yes, I'm definitely curious about PIVX. What's up with the name though? Sounds like a Dutch plastic piping company