Starbucks'll take crypto, but not Bitcoin...

in bitcoin •  last year

Yep, another mega-company is realizing the power of crypto.

starbucks going into blockchain.png

While those of us in the vanguard have been working to bring crypto into small-biz land (we've been accepting crypto, including bitcoin, for a few years now) it's nice to see some of the big dawgs jumping on board.

Here's hoping they have the same effect on blockchain they've had on coffee; making it ubiquitous and a household "need".

To the giants who do the right thing, even if they're slow.

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"Trusted digital currency" as in???


Right? Good questions. Reminds me of Churchill's quote about Americans: "You can always trust Americans to do the right thing, after they've done everything else." :)

They will accept Steem? If so fine with them haha


Let's hope so! How rad would that be for both Starbucks AND Steem!?