A Quick and Dirty Upgrade on my Ultimate Bitcoin Long Term Analysis Chart

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After my last post on Bitcoin, I went on a further quest to Bitcoin value before it started trading officially.

I found that the first transaction was on

  • 12 October 2009, when New Liberty Standard bought 5050 BTC from 'Sirius' at 0.001 USD/BTC

The second transaction was on

  • 22 May 2010, when Laszlo Hanyecz bought 2 pizza's for 10K BTC at 0.0025 USD/BTC

So I added these 2 data to my series of historical bitcoin prices.

I let the chart start on 3 January 2009 when 'Satoshi Nakamoto' mined the first ever 'Genesis Block' of 50 Bitcoins.

This is what came out of it:

bitcoin 2018.05.25.png

As you can see for yourself, these very first 2 trades have set the basic trendlines for the rest of Bitcoin's price evolution from 2009 until today!

Amazing find, don't you think?


It's not dirty update sir

"quick and dirty" is an expression in English

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Good analysis by you

thanks :-)

you sharing very talented tropic of today in your post.its really helpfull for every stermians.because this tropic very important for steemit work.you are really best.thanks to sharing for your great post.my dear friend.@pagadance very well done.best of luck for your great work.

this is setting down for the best which is yet to come

Price wise or history wise? Because in my ongoing quest I found out more interesting and puzzling things about the early days of Bitcoin. Not sure if it's wise to publish them all though ;-)

Great post @pagandance.
Great analysing work.

Thanks for giving us this update.

Upvoted & resteemed your post.

Do you think it is a coincidence or is there merit for it to have a meaning? Anyways interesting observation!

Just a quick look at the chart should prove you this not a case of 'coincidence'. I even found out more things about these early days of Bitcoin that point to all of this 'happening' according to some sort of master 'plan' ;-)

I saw you are powering down! Don't leave STEEMIT bro! Make a plan for 2020! I assure you might end up as a Millionaire!


Just rebalancing my portfolio. Too much exposure to Steem atm.

btc has developed itself highly in a short period. it proves btc's ability in economics sectors

Well if we see it that way , BTC had significant growth while people are expecting more from it ;)

I think Bitcoin is waiting for a wonderful day, we are waiting for that day. Your post is very beautiful about Bitcoin.......

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