How I get (some) of my bitcoin

in bitcoin •  3 months ago

Aside from getting tipped in donations to my bitcoin address on my flog on the Freenet Project which is primarily where I get the vast majority of my BTC, there is another service that I utilize in order to get small drips of bitcoin as well. It's usually just as an afterthought here and there multiple times a day when I go "Oh yeah, right, I have that thing" and then I go do the thing. It's seriously just a quick and easy thing that I bookmark into my browser, scroll down, click "I am not a robot" and then click a button to "Roll" to collect some BTC and a BTC lottery ticket or two and close the tab.

It's easy enough figured I might as well tell others about it, and full disclosure yes, I'm giving a referral link because it can't possibly hurt to have others that also sign up through my linkage to aid in generating me additional BTC by merely signing up and doing things even the way I do them, it can only help.

Referral Link:

See, not even trying to hide the fact at all that it's a referral link. Why? Because I'm not a shady asshole that feels the need to hide links. If you like my bullshit that I post and think "Hey, I'd like to support him." then you're literally not likely to screw me over by removing my referral bit from the link itself. Then there's the other portion of the population that are too lazy to bother removing the refferal reference from the linkage.

It doesn't generate a hell of a lot of BTC per roll, and it only gives you a couple lottery tickets per roll, but it's honestly something you can bookmark and come back to as a mere afterthough, complete it in under a few seconds before the hour wait time timer resets and then off you go about doing your other stuff that you were doing prior.

It's free money afterall. I'm not going to sneeze at free money in most cases.

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