BITCOIN - 14 Jan

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4hr : the leg up went better than expected popping thru the 6mth channel top resistance high.

4hr : next support ard 7860 swing low and 7780 zone, dip below that we likely to see retest of bull flag channel bottom around 7500 zone. If the next few candles can push up and close near 8200 we're looking good for another leg up.
daily : possible range 7750-8200 next 4-6 candles before the next move, holding the close above 7750 will be good for another leg up.

daily : looking very good, if daily can close above 8540. Breakout of the highs of 6mth downtrend channel confirm. Very likely with the volume surge. Small chance of retest 8500 channel breakout before it push for new highs (can feel fomo coming in)
weekly : LTC been taking the lead and looking even better as it approaches the multi yr downtrend line, if price can stay near 60.50 and close above it next weekly candle, all is good !


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