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RE: Bitcoin on CNBC and Bloomberg

in #bitcoin2 years ago

Most of these people are naive and knows nothing about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general. They fail to understand that it is more about the technology blockchains is what makes these crypto coins unique and a problem solver to a centralized failed sytems we find ourselves in now. Decentralization is the only solution that can transform the world economy and bring real prosperity to the masses and Bitcoin and ethereum is the pioneer of such solutions @the4thmusketeer


Yeah, I agree. It's impossible to speak with authority on the subject if one can't even begin to understand the technology itself. I wouldn't consider myself an expert on Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies as a whole, but I can see how banks have been charging us meaningless fees for years (overdraft fees, maintenance fees, less than 1% interest on our savings accounts), and I can understand the value of a decentralized system.