Think twice about selling bitcoin and waking away! Bitcoin / Dollar (COINBASE:BTCUSD) 9448.98$ will be 10000$ Soon

in #bitcoin3 years ago

Some people say it's will hit 10k$ soon and some say it's will down to 5k$ again

I think bitcoin it's a matter of luke no one can make real predict f0r it any way ,

Take a look at the daily BTC/USD log scale chart and we can see where  she is headed! We will correct along the way...and once we reach the  top, that correction to the bottom of the channel will be harsh! but we  can be confident that the top for 5%  is a long way off. My hat will be off to the one who can sell the top and buy the bottom @ 100% profit !!  ,,, good  luck Evey one