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in bitcoin •  2 years ago

Hey guys if you read my previous post you will know that I decided to invest in Bitconnect from cash that I made free from my phone, if you haven’t already read it you can find it here.

I accept that people aren’t sure whether Bitconnect is a scam or not, and to be honest I’m far from sure myself. But as I said in a previous post, taking into account I’m playing with ‘house money’ here, it’s definitely worth the gamble.

My plan is to update you, every time I reinvest from the interest profits. I made my first loan 12/07/2017 for an initial value of $100. My first interest payment came in the very next day.

If you are new to Bitconnect, you can only reinvest in $10 increments. It has taken me 9 days to accrue enough interest to reinvest. After reinvesting I have a massive 23c left over in my dollar balance.

As of today’s date I have invested a total of $110 in Bitconnect

That’s it, catch you on the next update!!

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