The Market looks Like A Bear One

in bitcoin •  5 months ago

The Market looks Like A Bear One

Prices have dropped

Bit Coin at $6400 lowest it has been this year and the sell off continues. Does not look good in the short term next few months it might even go a bit lower to be honest. very strange that the price has not gone so low I don't the main holders are selling. The media have forgotten about Bit Coin and the price has dropped I don't think this will last forever it will come back now is the time to buy.

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I think it has some room to drop. I think it will go back up though once the USA goes back to official Quantitative Easing.

I am a little discouraged with that :(.. But I know that the market is very fruitful and, just as it came down, at any time it comes back up and I will be very happy! xD

may be start of end for bitcoin ,

It is like that hopefully soon it will have a high in the same way this happening with the STEEM has dropped a lot surely in the next days it will be replaced


It has dropped a lot

Nice look 🐻 Bear


Thanks for you

Oh, I hope it comes back to afloat in a short time. for now, it is a good time to invest and buy it at a low price :)

Agree, lets see if the $6k level holds.

I agree with you sir @newmarket65 that it's the best time to buy bitcoin and hold it until the crypto market rise.

Yes, at this moment we have to HODL and Crypto is super volatile and it can be just matter of time and we have to shift focus from the prices because that can create panic but in my opinion if we swim in hard times then after reaching the destination we will get more than expected so Steem On and Crypto On. Thanks for sharing this post with us and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I think it will be like the fenix bird! xD

Awesome. It's looks very nice. Thank you for share this post