Nandibear - free Bitcoin Cash 0.01 BCH giveaway - and looking for ideas for contests!

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Looking for ideas for weekly giveaways and/or contests

For now here's the keys for a free 0.01 BCH:

If you need a wallet to scan and sweep the Bitcoin Cash private key you might check out the wallet app. It's a fully featured non-custodial wallet which gives users complete and sole control over their funds. You may download the wallet application (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS) here

I'd like to maybe start giving away bitcoins (relatively small amounts) on a regular basis. If anyone reading here has ideas for reoccurring contests please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Some other places you can find the Nandibear are: nandi bear luke

Thanks for stopping by and reading!

PLEASE leave some comments! Talk a little!

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That's a big give way. I will try it sir. Thanks for this great contest.

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @msena, you're welcome! Were you able to sweep the private key and claim the 0.01 BCH? If it wasn't you, someone else just did.

If it wasn't you don't worry, you'll have another chance soon. Later tonight I'll post a new qr code in a new post soon with another free 0.01 Bitcoin Cash!

Ok sir, i tried it but don't know what's going wrong. The page is loading for a long time. Maybe the net connection problem or something happened bad.

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @msena, please feel free to use any wallet app which supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH). You should be able to scan the private key qr code in my next post (sometime tonight). I recommend the wallet app, it's works very well (if you experience problems with the app please contact support at [email protected] , and again please feel free to use any wallet you like.

Great giveaway @nandibear, happy to receive the 0.01 BCH. I think you can try a meme contest/challenge, where you give a random pic and people create memes, the funniest one wins. Maybe this will be good😁

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  ·  last year (edited)

Hey @practicaleric good to see your comment and congrats on claiming the 0.01 BCH! Thank you also for the cool idea for a contest/challenge. I will add your idea to the list. Please also keep an eye open for the next free 0.01 BCH giveaway! (Should be sometime time late tonight, Mississippi time).

Thank you so much @nandibear, looking forward to the next giveaway :)