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RE: Steemit Statistics & Big Datas: 🚀 End of July 2019 Update 🚀

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Very good analysis but I think you have missed traffic in other Steem dApps like share2steem, steemhunt and actifit which enable users to post without coming to the steemit website.

It is quite sad that there are less female users on Steem. Hope to see that change soon! 😊


Share2steem is broken

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Do you have news from the dev team? Did they abandon the project ?

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no, there seems to be no news really, Its a shame, some explenation would have been great and the project was so cool. I guess it has something to do with the spam blocker that steemit has integrated that kept blocking their posts (or something along those lines) but there is no clear answer

Oh I did not know!!! When did this happen

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