Bitcoin Myk - Best Use Cases - Your Coin?

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Bitcoin Myk - Best Use Cases - Your Coin?

There are places in the world where hyperinflation and government corruption is so severe that cryptocurrency presents a great option. People that wish to immigrate out of certain lands life savings are sometimes held hostage by the powers that be. Cryptocurrency has become a great solution for groups of people that face such challenges.

Unfortunately unless you fit the above categories you probably don't use cryptocurrency on a regular basis. Perhaps you barely use it at all. The areas you live in may in fact have a great financial and banking system. Your government through regulation may offer you great protection.

In situations like this major questions become why would anyone need to use cryptocurrencies. It would seem that many are geared towards the idea of holding their crypto until it goes up in value through a speculative nature. At which point they intend to cashout back into fiat currencies. Although this treats cryptocurrencies as an asset or a commodity. That doesn't really solve many issues such as the use case of the crypto itself. It only acts as a manufactured rarity of sorts.

How many use cases do your favorite cryptocurrencies have? How often do you use them? Is it necessary or could you just use something else? Today we explore some of those ideas as we cover a cryptocurrency with many uses we believe. The uses range from integration into other blockchains for exchange of value. Allowing bitcoin the biggest cryptocurrency of them all to move at higher transaction speeds as well as solving scaling issues. Staking rewards and universal basic income a hot topic these days due to automation. As well as direct exchanges of value in a marketplace with vendor acceptance. User friendly mobile transactions for people on the go with integrated decentralized exchange. This crypto addresses many major issues in cryptocurrency. It's meant to be spent as a money and used daily.

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