Facebook historic loss and Cryptos gain

in bitcoin •  8 months ago

Hello steemians

We crypto lovers always pleased to hear our success. July 26, 2018 was the darkest day in Facebook history or it's share holders. Facebook loss more than 120$ billions in market value.


Market specialists predict they will lose more in near future. On the other hand crypto market has a good week and specialists predict Cryptos will gain more and more in future. Some Twitter users commented the value of Winklevoss Bitcoin holding are greater than Zuckerberg's Facebook stock. Winklevoss brothers are one of the biggest crypto investors as well as the co-founder of Gemini, a New York based Cryptocurrency exchange.

I believe Facebook is a fraud and Bitcoin is a stable asset. Succes is always with cryptos. Happy investing♥️

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The crypto market seems to have very high probability of being good green soon. These are the good economic future of the coming time. There are no comparisons with its Facebook book. Crypto will give world financial freedom, while Facebook only time pass.


You are right my friend. Bitcoin is our future.

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