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RE: The best way to track your crypto-portfolio

in #bitcoin5 years ago

Found you through Reddit; appreciate the post. I am going to use CoinTracking as when I started I was only on Kraken but over time I bled into multiple exchanges for various reasons. Thanks so much :)


Want to add Crypto Portfolio Tracker to the list:

  1. Connects to GDAX, Kraken, and Bittrex API for automatic sync
  2. Automatically calculates unrealized gain for all assets - no manual trade entry!
  3. Works on mobile browsers, no registration needed

It's currently at about $46 yr. for the pro. BTC = 0.006 They offer free ten day trial.

I also like CoinTracking. In my opinion it's the best solution to track all my cryptocurrencies. I have API connections to all exchanges i am using so far thumbs up :-)

Hello @miyurufernando , finally had the time to make a new Portfolio Tracker Review since this one is a bit old nowadays. I’d appreciate your input on that !

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