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RE: Has Blockchain been surpassed by Hashgraph?

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Thanks. Very interesting read

For more info.

I guess at 1st glance the main issue that may be raised here is the patented tech at the heart of it. A centralised development of a decentralised tech - not saying I'd necessarily agree with that assessment but as I expect you know its a perennial favourite allegation in Cryptoland - The coin Ripple gets a similar spin often for example among others. I guess the ultimate question is how will they monetise that patent though


Oh and the title should perhaps more accurately be

Has Blockchain been surpassed by Hashgraph?

Thank you! I meant that to be the title, but can't have been concentrating properly when I wrote it. I have updated the title now.

A good point. Yes, it almost always comes down to uptake and monetisation.

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