MercuriEX Now Offers Trading in TrueUSD. Special Access to TrueUSD app for Redeem/Purchase!

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TrueUSD allows MercuriEX users to hedge against volatility by using a stable-coin that is pegged to the value of the U.S. Dollar. Additionally, MercuriEX users will be able to redeem TUSD or purchase TUSD directly with fiat through the TrustToken TrueUSD app. See instructions below.

MercuriEX TrueUSD Trading Pairs






How do I get early access to redeem and purchase TUSD?

Step 1: Complete the TrueUSD app KYC/AML process found here. (Use your MercuriEX account email address during the process)

Step 2: Login to your MercuriEX account and visit the profile page. Click submit request for TUSD early access.

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