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RE: Negative Interest Rates Arrive in Germany

in #bitcoin5 years ago

yeah thats near to my feelings too,
i am from Austria and the banks here are moving fast. Closing on some locations, charging fees for getting money out of them, no way to send money online without a smart-phone and higher fees just for using our money for their gambling.
I am an early Bitcoin adopter from when one bitcoin was worth 7 $ . Since then, Bitcoin evolved and there is no need for me to own a Bankaccount anymore, except for the rent of my flat. I got an Xapo bitcoin credit card, i can buy on steam games with bitcoin and i can go in a shop and buy or sell my bitcoins at any time :)
So i can clearly say: i am out of Euro and i would you recommend, doing the same before its too late und u may be limited on withdrawing .
Thanks for the Story and good luck, getting out of the banking ,
cheers max


Same for me. I have steadily over the last years divested away from the banking system, relying ever-increasingly on crypto-currency to manage my personal finances.

I hope we can reach more people in time.

The fiascos in Argentina and Venezuela, for instance, were both perfectly avoidable.. if only people had known about bitcoin and crypto.

But people never seem to believe that it can happen in their country ......

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