Earn passive income with cash magnet

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You can earn passive income with Cash magnet.

Just install the app on your phone click a few buttons and let it run. Points will accumulate and show in your balance by letting cash magnet show you ads when cash magnet is running.

You can also choose to increase your level and earn more by leaving cash magnet install apps on your behalf.

Max of 4 phones per IP address

Points can be redeemed for Amazon, Paypal, Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Minimum withdraws are
$1 for Amazon
$5 for Paypal
$2 for Bitcoin
$2 for Ethereum

I can confirm received multiple payouts in Paypal and Bitcoin since i started. I will admit i still haven't tried Amazon or Ethereum withdraws due to my own preference however got no reason to think that they won't work.

To date, i have earned $110.25 my intention for the next withdraw will be to withdraw some Ethereum.

This is a great way of making use of some of your old phones that are hiding away in the draw. Why not put them to some use and earn a little each day and over time it could amount to something decent.

Here is a referral link below if you would like to check it out.
Referral ID tv2B2m

I have also included a link to the app in the google play store


Aren't you going to end up with a bunch of malware apps if you let it install random things on your phone?

A good question the apps that cashmagnet installs are apps that you can download from the google play store manually. Cashmagnet doesn't install from unknown sources only from the google play store. Combine that with Play Protect and Malwarebytes i am fairly confident that my phones are not in any sort of danger from malware.

To get up to 24 hours passive time i manually have to download apps (one-time thing) from their list which takes me to the google playstore to download them. So at this point, it is my decision wither to install them or not. The 24-hour passive timer gets refreshed every day and get given a new amount of time compared to how many apps i have still installed.

The level function gives you total control of your phone and has a opt-in system so if you dont feel comfortable letting cashmagnet install on your behalf then you dont need to increase the level and can stay on the lower levels. You will earn by cashmagnet purely displaying ads on your phone but that obviously means lower rewards the lower your level is. I am free to do uninstall apps should i have an issue with a app or for any other reason.

To give an example of the type of apps cashmagnet has installed on my behalf i have made a list of apps currently that has been installed on my devices by cashmagnet with no input from myself.

1.Lucky go
2.Ever Merge
3.Hell's Kitchen
4.Idle Heroes
5.Match Masters
6.Drifty Race
7.Lily’s Garden

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