There are NO PACTS between Lions on opposing sides.... By Gregory Mannarino

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Yes I could easily start up on a new platform BUT I WILL NOT SURRENDER.

Me being on YouTube until they take me down, is a battle for which I will not EVER surrender.

I will stay on YouTube exposing the truth ON THEIR PLATFORM until they forcibly remove me.

YouTube and I are clearly on opposing sides, Lion against Lion, and I will NOT allow them to win without a FIGHT.

Am I fighting a losing battle? Perhaps… but I will expose the truth on their platform. Moreover, by me allowing them to strategically remove my content I am exposing their agenda- the curtailing, banning, and censorship of information.

By YouTube removing my content, and putting strikes against my work, I am sacrificing myself TO EXPOSE WHAT THEY ARE DOING BEFORE AS MANY PEOPLE AS I CAN.

ARE YOU WITH ME? I need you my Lions.


Thanks again for bringing us the MarketReport, for sharing your work, Gregory Mannarino - @marketreport.

Even after doing so much trouble, if YouTube does such a thing, then it takes a lot of trouble.

When you proceed with legitimacy, dedication and honesty, there is no wall to prevent you from continuing, they will fall apart. down on the way. Go ahead! Blessings.

Here we are and here we continue.

lets get it brother, even if youtube rejects and you have to use these other platforms, the people will follow and your long time followers will make sure of it i am sure, lets see how we can move this in the right direction regardless , thanks

Not YOUtube but THEIRtube. There fixed it for your ;)

Don't give up, you are like an alchemist, you turn your words into gold, go ahead, tell the truth. we follow and support you.

Thanks you so much sir for sharing

Terimakasih banyak bapak atas informasinya sangat membantu sekali untuk saya 👍

Well said. Thank you so much, Greg, for engaging in this battle for freedom. I am proud to join in the battle. Here's a link to a post I made after youtube removed a video which I had posted. I'm working on platforms for cybersovereignty. I'm planning my second book to be on the topic of censorship looking back into history, as I speculate that the topic of my first book, the Christ Seed, has suffered one of the biggest censorship campaigns in history.

Thanks you sir for sharing 👍

Thank you very much for the information, have a good day and a great mood

thank you very much for the exchange, have a nice day

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