#FAKEMARKETS. Bitcoin Now Down 25% Since CME Futures Started Betting Against It. By Gregory Mannarino

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Bitcoin now down 25% Since CME Futures exchange started betting against it. RIGGED. #FAKEMARKETS Watch this chart LIVE. Click here: https://www.traderschoice.net/

Gregory Mannarino, "The Robin Hood Of Wall Street."


WALL STREET: The Wizards Of gaming EVERYTHING...


@marketreport...You were right because of Yellen, but not James Rickards and you're right also with bitcoin. It's defnitely time to look for other cryptos.

I am out of BTC and into LTC

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Don’t worry about the hatin Elmer’s! Focus your brain on the things that matter & keep sharing your perspective & philosophy. If they keep tuning in, it’s for a reason!


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I still think their adoption of BTC is a net positive for the crypto world. We'll see soon enough I guess!

Agreed. Until the Wizards get their hands on them as well. I want Wall Street OUT of crypto.

After what they did to gold and silver for a long time this became predictable. They found away of shorting this without using actual coin. I did not think that they would be able to, but I was wrong.

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@marketreport...You were right because of Yellen, but not James Rickards and you're right also with bitcoin..check my blog @resteem

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I disagree. This pullback was much needed with BTC. Once it shakes out the weak hands, the uptrend can continue. Nothing can go parabolic forever. Greg, you forget to mention that you sold all your BTC at $9500 and missed another 100% run. I don't care that you made 500% profit before that...you were in it for the "pump and dump" and you're a swing trader (not an investor). All I ever hear from you is how right you are...you're ok, but you're no robin hood...give it a rest.

Wonder if some of the money coming out of cyrptos will go into the metals

Just set my buy limits for BTC at $13,500 first half and then $10,000 second, however, may not get there, but let’s see.
It would be nice if we had this kind of flash crash in stock market, it’s called “healthy market”
Thank you Gregory for all you do, if I make anough money I will open my own shelter for animals which I always wanted to if I won a lottery.
Keep doing what you do please!

The speculation is even raising, some are anticipating a raise in the price, but i'm seeing more fall in the price. U. K recently warn againt bitcoin, warning all those investing in it to be ready to lose their money...

Greg ... I think the CME thing has very little to do with the BTC price dump. Remember they aren't even buying the real thing, and have to settle in cash because they absolutely know if they had settle in BTC they would get wrecked. I think it more caused by several other factors.

A) The reality about the use case for BTC is sinking in. Fees are off the charts, transactions are taking forever, or never confirmed, as there is now a backlog over 100,000 on the BTC blockchain.

B) A lot of us are quite frankly getting pissed off at the "real bitcoin" question and the drama theater around it. I'm certainly not a blockchain guru by any stretch, I know that BTC core has many technical superiors coming up the market cap quickly. Dash, Monero, Zcash ... all non-BTC chain coins come to mind.

C) Bitcoin may never be fixable to a state of cheap fast transactions without layers of off chain upgrades severely impacting the decentralization axiom that is supposed with any open source blockchain crypto. Which them leaves it as a "store of value".
But I'm not sure that "store of value" means anything if our money just needs to be backed by math, as is the case for open source cryptos.

D) Newbies. There have been hundreds of thousands of new users over the last couple of months. They think the crypto market is just like the NYSE. And the first time they see a 10% drop in the market they are selling in a panic. When those of us in for a while lick our chops at a 20% drop because we buy the bottom, because we know until all the Siberian Herdmens are using cryptos to buy and sell yak meat, there is no bubble, and values will keep going up.

E) Bitcoin market dominance went from near 60% a few weeks ago to under 44% as of this post, but the overall market cap has grown significantly during the same period as the alts have begun to shine, at least the good ones.

My own primary strategy with cryptos is equal dollar invest in the top half dozen or so coins, BTC included. But I feel the primary cause of most of the volatility in the crypto space is the ongoing war about "what is the real bitcoin" .... and I for one am tired of it.

You should probably humble yourself.

Bitcoin market is 9 years old. You rode it for less than 1 year and "called it perfectly" shmaa whatevs....

The HODLERS will inherit the earth. The End.

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@marketreport...You were right because of Yellen, but not James Rickards and you're right also with bitcoin..check my blog @resteem

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What if Bitcoin's price again down at 7k?

Did you see the movie Titanic? What the passengers do when the ship starts lifting its stern? Well, it will be pretty much the same.

bitcoin is the best currency...
but this price some time very high.. position..
and some time bitcoin price decrese...
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oh yeah this moment must have happened eventually that people are able to place short positions on Bitcoin.

Let's see how it reacts to this, if bitcoin is able to resist this pressure it will mean that it's popularity and acceptance is still going up!

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