Introducing to Hotei Energy B.V. - First Energy Company created using cryptocurrencies

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Hello Everyone,

I'm the CEO of Hotei Energy B.V. first energy company created using cryptocurrencies.

Our operating and investment capital is created from the global crypto market, thanks to the participation of small and big investors in the digital market, which they looking for create periodic earnings from legal and real activities.

Here a short video explanation about our business:

This company is focused on provide services of excellence and quality for the energy sector, initially focused for the oil & gas sector with a open view to providing solutions and services for the development, sustenance and maintenance of clean and renewable energies around the world.

We will use blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, standards, certificates and international norms to position the brand among the firstable world service companies and thus monitor operations globally in real time.


Hotei Energy offers its users the possibility of enjoying rewards generated by the company, through the purchase of company participation tokens through the acquisition of a private token called (“HES” Hotei Energy Share Token), trought it, we are made the calculations for the payment of dividends from the monthly billing earnings accrued by the company for the services offered around the world.

There is a finite number of HE tokens, the volume of investor participation being limited; HE purchase process is done via ETH, BTC and USDT among others, after passing user data verification (KYC).

Participation tokens can be sold after the established periods, once the participant so manifests, thus withdrawing the initial value invested and dividends generated during the notification period.

We have three fronts of work related to blockchain.

  1. Operation: we want to create an auditing and operational management tool based on blockchain, in order to be able to have details, control and administration of our operations as well as their financial management, this integrated together with the transmission standards used in the energy industry.

  2. Management: we want to create a blockchain tool for the approval of the administrative management of the company, through which, the network of users, can confirm according to certain rules the volume of money investment related to the subscribed capital and the capital to be subscribed, in this way, we will have the sufficient endorsement of all our investors to approve or deny the companys growth and indebtedness proposals, this to provide an excellent and transparent management of resources, so that users can audit in real time, where and how we move money.

  3. Management of the share token: our share token is an asset that is part of Hotei Energy B.V. We have to adapt the current infrastructure of crypto assets to convert our token to a currency and be able to give it the value and operability that it has, since users by having these share tokens are automatically beneficiaries of a percentage of profit participation by concept billing of the company, in this sense, we are guaranteeing a person who complies with our KYC that he will obtain real returns equivalent to USD but withdrawable at the moment in Cryptos of this benefit, these profits are dependent on the global billing of our company, so although we want users to have free management of it, but its reference value is stipulated according to the reality of the company, this is something that we are studying with our specialists for its implementation, since it is essential that the people who enter our market meet certain validation characteristics, since all our capital will be declared to the competent authorities and this is a binding process for Hotei Energy B.V. for the serious character and commitment we have with our beneficiaries and the world.

Here some idea of our future ecosystem:


I will add here the YouTube channel of our company.
Hotei Energy - Youtube Channel

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