Today in Bitcoin (2018-05-04) - Bitcoin targets $10K Breakout - Lawsuit - Arizona Taxes

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Bitcoin Sets Sights Above $10K After Bull Breakout - CoinDesk

Plug Pulled on Bitcoin.Com Lawsuit After Donation Shortfall -

Arizona's Bid to Accept Crypto for Taxes Suffers Setback - CoinDesk

Bitcoin price: How to value bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies—in theory — Quartz

He Fled an Iceland Prison. Now He Wants to Go Back. - The New York Times

Goldman Sachs Delays Bitcoin Trading Desk Plans in Favor of Derivatives – The Merkle

Twitter Bots Cryptocurrency Impersonation Scam Nets $1,500 | NewsBTC

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: "Now my imitator is called "MadBitcoins1" -- @TwitterSupport is there truly nothing you can do? Just going to let my audience get frauded? Sounds liable.…"

Nick Szabo on Twitter: "Gold has severe flaws. Physical locality makes it less secure and far more transactionally local, and thus more vulnerable to politics and less sound, than we can now achieve with Bitcoin, with good key management and taking advantage of its trust-minimized global settlement.…"

Nick Szabo on Twitter: "Aztecs took gold tribute from their subject tribes. Spanish conquistadors looted the Aztecs. Sir Francis Drake looted Spanish galleons. Seizing gold vaults was a universal war objective. Many politicians have controlled monetary systems by controlling gold. Now we can do better.…"

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