Bitcoin has over than 50% of the cryptocurrency market

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yes, bitcoin only proves its strong grip on its throne.

It is still the king of all cryptocurrencies. Ever since the creation of the cryptoworld, bitcoin dominates the market capitalization. This only means that bitcoin won't die,

contrary to the trepidation of many. Bitcoin's haters simply can't discount its use case, and they can't thwart the demand for it. Its value will rise and rise inexorably no matter what. So the game now is it's either you rise with bitcoin or be left by its boat.

Whenever the price of Bitcoin drops, the negative parts of Bitcoin always share the news like scam, bubbles, etc. But actually, after the discount, Bitcoin always restores it right afterwards and these components know. loss from the community.

If your current thinking is that Bitcoin will grow strongly in the months and years to come, let's all think together and there are certainly quite a lot of people out there for Bitcoin. It will still dominate in the future


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