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RE: Decentralized gaming platform EOSJacks offers dividends.

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Every single thing i looked at on this list is a gambling game. EOS seems to be turning into a gambling blockchain. I mean, id love to earn some EOS, but i aint doing that by placing bets.
Steem Monsters is superior to all of this in every way.


You mean you don’t want to lose all of your coins in hopes getting more coins?? Haha

Exactly. Haha.
Its like someone telling me: "You can make money in Las Vegas!"
And sure, that is true. 😀

The bounty is free to access.
And the main point, as the title suggests, are the fact that the platform offers dividends; new to see a revenue-driven development entirely in the hands of the community.

Even the main question for the STEEM prize is on the dividend ranking.
Also, note my comment below this.

Haha yup! You can double your money there too!!

Hope you don't mind*, but I had to take away some of the curation vote to lower the comment's rank. To make up for it, I gave you a tip and max votes on all your post's this week.

*If you do, I can reverse it.

Its fine. You are free to like or dislike anything.. You really didnt have to upvote my stuff because of it. Its fine. 😉

Haha I don't dislike what you said.

I simply wanted to lower its rank on the comment board because it's straying others away from the dividend aspect. Sadly, the only way to do that was to dislike it.

As i said. Whatever your reason is, its fine. No need to send me STEEM. :D
Great post, though im not a fan of what EOS does. See ya. ;)

These are not games where we can earn points, rather these are shitty gambles, which will always work more in favor of the developers than the players.. in a casino the casino makes the biggest money and players are willingly playing to lose their money.

Read again.

  1. The PvP game has no house egde. Truly PvP.
  2. The distribution is to the community; I spent the whole article explaining that, but you clearly did not read it. Even you can join the revenue share by staking JKR; the smart contract distributes it and there's no central control taking the money.

Yes, a lot of EOS developments are cored around gambling. Consider it a start: the gaming market is ripe for disruption.

That seems a too basic of a start if im honest. Seems like a shame that they arent coming up with something more robust and valuable.

It's actually a very large market; technological developments are on the way, but some consumer-sided products are needed too.

Literally. I mean most famous apps on eos are gambling apps.

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Says something about the demand of such applications.

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